2021 Trap League Details

At the trap league meeting the following was established for the 2021 trap league season:

1. It will be a 16 week season. Shooting score rounds will start Friday April 30th.

2. Two rounds must be shot by May 11th and the 3rd round by May 18th. No shooting back after May 18th.

3. You can shoot three weeks ahead.

4. The 16th week ends August 17th and shoot off rounds must be shot by August 24h.

Team rosters are due May 18th.

Up to 8 people per team – all 8 can shoot for score.

Secretary fee = $7.00/ shooter – Sponsor’s  Fee = $35/Team

Please designate special category shooters – SR = 65 and older, JR = 18 and younger, LA = Lady.