Robinson, Ethan

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Robinson, Ethan

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2512 30th Ave Osceola WI 54020

College/University Planning to Attend (If undecided, what schools are you considering)

Undecided, but I will be committed to either St. Olaf or Eau Claire by the time this scholarship would be received.

Major/Program (If undecided, what majors/areas of interest are you considering)

Environmental studies, Ecology, Forestry, Environmental Law

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Please upload your list of extracurricular activities that you participated in while in high school (school or community)

Ethan Robinson Extracurricular Activities

(Numbers indicate years of participation)


HIgh School Clubs: 

  • Secretary of FBLA Club – 2020 state competitor – 4
  • Bowl Club – 4
  • Forensics Club – 3 time state competitor – 4
  • Chess club – 1
  • Mock Trial – Regional qualifier, two time best attorney award winner – 1
  • FFA – 2
  • Mathletes – 2


Out Of School Clubs:

  • Forest View 4-H – Volunteering, showing cattle and exhibits at local Polk County Fair – 10
  • Environmental Club of Osceola – Conservation volunteering – 3
  • State Of Mind – Local rock band drummer – 1



  • Marching Band – 4
  • District Honors Band 2017 and 2018 – 2
  • Jazz Band – 4
  • Solo and Ensemble – 3



  • Altar Server St. Joseph’s – 7
  • Feed My Starving Children Volunteer – 4



  • Cross Country – Three time varsity letter winner, member of 2020 state team – 3
  • Track – Four time varsity letter winner – 4
  • Soccer – Varsity letter winner – 1


Work Experience:

  • Country Aire Angus (June – August) – 2
  • St. Croix Valley Trees (November – December)  – 2
  • Common Harvest Organic Farm (June – August) – 1



  • 2020 Cross Country Coach’s Award
  • 2020 English PLC student of the Tri
  • 2017 and 2018 Honors Band Attendee
  1. Life’s Passion:  What is something in your life that you are passionate about (love or enjoy doing)and how might that affect your future career choices?

Since my childhood I have always had a passion for the outdoors. Whether I was playing with the dog in the backyard, exploring our woods, or building a snowman, I was outside. This enthusiasm has followed me into adulthood, and continues to influence my decisions. An example is my employment. Because I am happiest when I am outdoors, I have always done my best to acquire jobs that keep me outside, such as working on my grandfather’s farm, working at an organic vegetable operation, and working at a Christmas tree farm. While researching colleges, nature once again shaped my decisions. Both colleges I am currently considering, St. Olaf and Eau Claire, have access to public trails and ecology programs. Additionally, both campuses are partially run on renewable energy. Although I haven’t decided on a particular degree to pursue in the area of environmental studies, I find the fields of renewable energy, forestry, and environmental law especially interesting.

I was inspired to take a closer look at renewable energy sciences when my uncle accepted a job at Enel, an international green energy provider. Since then the science and business behind creating and utilizing clean energy for both the public and industries alike has proven to be an area of interest. I have pursued this interest by encouraging my family and friends to invest in renewable energy in their homes and vehicles, eventually even convincing my father to replace his old car with a fuel efficient Prius. As fossil fuels become more and more scarce, there will be a larger need for renewable energies. With the technologies in this field being fairly new, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Another environmental studies area of interest is forestry. Local flora and fauna has always interested me, especially forest ecosystems. This passion for the science involved in the great outdoors led me to be one of the first members to join the Osceola Environmental Club, or ECO for short. In this club I have had the privilege of listening to speakers and researchers on the importance of protecting our local watershed and prairies, as well as the relationship between agriculture and our environment. We also had the opportunity to participate in volunteering at local research centers and parks, all of which was an enlightening experience. In the field of forestry, my goal would be to maintain and develop our local forests for public use, education centers, and conservation, similar to programs we see at Interstate Park or Standing Cedars.

Environmental law is yet another area of interest. This past year I had the pleasure of competing in Osceola High School’s inaugural Mock Trial team. Through this experience I found an interest and knack for law. I can think of no better way to apply this new found passion than to the field of environmental law. Not only would a position in this field be a rewarding experience, but a very necessary and impactful service to the community at large. Regularly, I find articles detailing crimes of pollution and environmental negligence perpetrated by large corporations. As an environmental lawyer, I would be able to hold these companies accountable for their actions in a court of law, providing a valuable and productive service to society.

Since childhood, my passion for the outdoors has continually affected my choices. This factor, a passion for the environment, has been important in helping me with many major decisions, including my employment, my college search, my major, and my future career. Although I haven’t declared a specific major within environmental studies, I know it will be at the heart of any major I select. Ultimately, I look forward to utilizing this passion in a meaningful career that will impact our communities, families, and planet.