2021 Membership Renewal

We would like a members to renew online here on our webpage.

Please read all five points before starting.

1.  We are not taking payments online, but by filling out the renewal form below, it will assure there are no problems reading small handwriting on renewal cards.  This gives us your names, addresses and emails digitally and thus will be correct for newsletters, etc.

2.  After you submit the renewal info, an email will be sent to you (be sure to check your junk mail folder).  Please print this and finish your renewal by sending it and a check to the club address.  A new card will be sent to you via mail.
– or-
you can come to the clubhouse during open hours and finish processing your renewal in person and get your card immediately.

3.  If you did any work for the club that qualifies you for a “Work Day” discount – you will have to renew in person at the club to redeem that discount.

4.  You will be asked on the renewal form that you have read both the “Range Rules” and “Release of Liability”.
These can be seen here!
a.  Range Rules
b.  Liability Release

5.  Remember all members need to have finished a Safety Briefing to get the North Gate Code.
a.  If you’ve done this over the past few years, it will be on record in our current membership database.
b.  If not, you can take the briefing in person on Sundays at 2 pm with a Club Range Officer – or – you can complete it online here at our website.  Again, you will be emailed a letter (be sure to check your junk mail folder) you complete the online briefing.  Print that email and enclose it with your renewal or bring it with you if you come in person.

Click here to fill out 2021 form!

Make check payable to: and mail To: Osceola Rod and Gun Club, Inc.

Osceola Rod and Gun Club, Inc.
Attn: Treasurer
PO Box 35
Osceola, WI 54020