The 2020 Bird Handicap League 1st half winners are:
AA Red Greene Team
A Meyer Tree Service
BB Andrie Electric
B Prairie Marsh Carvers
C Kassel Tap III

The first half winners shoot off against the 2nd half winners at the end of season for 1st and 2nd place trophies.

New Trap Season Details decided at the captains meeting!

At the trap league meeting the following was established for the 2020 trap league season:

1. It will be a 12 week season. Shooting score rounds started Wednesday May 27th.

2. Two rounds must be shot by June 16th and the 4th round by June 23rd. No shooting back after the 23rd.

3. You can shoot three weeks ahead.

4. The 12th week ends August 18th and shoot off rounds must be shot by August 25th.

5. The 12 week league will consist of two 6 week halves. With the first half winners shooting of against the 2nd half winners to determine 1st and 2nd place in each division.

6. The trap banquet will be September 15th.

2019 Final Standings

Div AA 1st Place – Red Greene Team

Div AA 2nd Place – St. Croix Falls Cinema

Div A 1st Place – Loss’d Birds

Div A 2nd Place – Sue’s Shooters

Div BB 1st Place – Keystone Machine

Div BB 2nd Place – Cates Fine Homes

Div B 1st Place – Prairie Marsh Carvers

Div B 2nd Place – The Harley Guys

Div CC 1st Place – Meyer Tree Service

Div CC 2nd Place – Kassel Tap II

Div C 1st Place – Twisted Arms

Div C 2nd Place – Gunslingers