Rabbit Hunt

                        2020 Rabbit Hunt Results

Only 7 Teams registered this year

Putting this in respectful words -Only 34 Rabbits were registered

Only one team ended up with there limit

All participants seamed to have a good time and reported that the rabbits seen were down in population

1st Place in the gun division was team

Kyle                                                              12 RABBITS

Joe                                                      WEIGHT 26 ½ LBS



2nd place gun division was team

Matt Goulet                                                9 RABBITS

Billy Mckusik                                      WEIGHT 18 ¼ LBS

Keith Brackee

Ryan Smith

1st place Archery division was team

Steve Peterson                                          4 RABBITS

Bill Peterson

Jared Lubers

Jeff Johnson

2nd place archery division was team

Darin Durand                                                2 RABBITS

Gunner Durano

Nate Ball

Greg Ball

This event also helped raise money for the Osceola rod and gun club banquet coming Feb 8th 2020

This event is not to make the club all kinds of money it usually just supports its self and is a fun day for the participants  we also had drawings for prizes that were given away. There was Chili to feast on that is made up by the volunteers for the rabbit hunt and at No Charge

I don’t have any idea what the Club made on the behind the counter sales but I think it was a pretty good day for the amount of people who attended

So we had 28 People registered and 10-15 people that just showed up to visit with the teams

Teams were down about 50% from last year don’t know why but there were a lot of other things going on in the area and also it was pretty nice out so maybe they went fishing

Really That raps it up if there is anything else you would like to know and I forgot please email me and sorry for any miss spellings and maybe this is more info then you wanted but use what you want and also please thank everyone if you can in someway on your posting


Thanks Jim


Rabbit Hunt

Friday, January 24, 2020 at 5 pm – 9 pm

Sign Up at the club