Pistol Club


Monday, 6/7/2021 is the start of our Osceola Pistol Club shooting.  The club will continue to shoot for 12 weeks through August 30th – we will take off July 5th for the Holiday weekend.

  • A. If you have not yet renewed your membership – the clubhouse has re-opened officially today and will be open – Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 5-10 pm –Sundays: Noon – 5
  • B. Remember you have to have your Safety Briefing done to get the gate code.  This can be done in person on Sundays from 2-2:30 at the rifle range or Online at our website by watching a 15 minute video and taking a quiz (an email is sent to you “completion certificate” which you can bring to the clubhouse to get your punch and code.
  • C. Our club cost will be the same – $50 for the summer ($10 savings) or $5 each time you attend.  This pays for targets, pasters, supplies and the left overs goes to new equipment.  This year we will have a dueling tree and spinner paid for from our leftover 2019 fund.
  • D. Our club purpose is to help improve Osceola Rod and Gun Club member pistol skills.  Thus, we will again cater to all levels of shooters . . . beginners – intermediates – advanced.  Usually we start with a skill warmup and move on to a “stage” of action shooting.  Members will engage in movement activities as they become comfortable with their improving pistol and safety skills.
  • E. Again this year we have one more pallet of ballistic material to re-dress our berm.. I figure we can do that mid-summer  as needed.



Action Shooting

Our Pistol Bay